Cage football Court

The Court is net all-closed structured with fence/iron nets surrounded and covered. The ground area is compact which is not subject to too many geographical constraints

Product Details

Quality materials and meticulous production
  • Lamp and Lighting System

    Osram:1000W all-aluminum court-use lamp 1000W cast iron court-use lamp
    Hpwinner:240W LED court-use lamp 160W LED court-use lamp
    Philips:400W court-use lamp
    Shanghai Yaming:250W Metal halide lamp

  • Ground System

    Sand filling or sand free

  • Supporting Products

5 reasons to conduct strategic cooperation with KMT in terms ofnscccertificated cage football Court

No Technical parameters and index KMT Certification (Special technical conditions) Other manufacturers certificates (general technical conditions)
1 Patent certificate for installation process of fence system The only company obtained invention patent of the installation method of multi-purpose site fence project Site manual network tensioning or traditional process assembly
2 Light column of fence system 150mmx150mmx4mm Big circular bead hot-dip galvanized square tube ф114mmx4mm Q235 round steel pipe
3 Fence column of fence system 120mm×60mm×3mm big-sized hot-dip galvanized square tube ф76mmx3mm Q235 round steel pipe
4 Fence column, lighting, and installation patent of fence system A total of 6 utility model patent certificates are obtained. The enterprise that obtains most patents among those who are certificated by NSCC.
5  NSCC system certification of five-a-side football gate  Obtained the NSCC system certification of five-a-side football goal One of the 26 enterprises obtaining this certificate in those who are certificated by NSCC

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