Children Outdoor Expansion Equipment Series

The 2015 KMT Sport launch another series of products for children's psychological behavior in the field. It aims to cultivate courage and fearless against difficulties,indomitable perseverance and teamwork ability among children by training.

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  • No:KMT-TZ002Name:Wave Bridge

  • No:KMT-TZ003Name:Boulder Barrier

  • No:KMT-TZ005Name:jungle Treck

  • No:KMT-TZ006Name:Swing Bridge

  • No:KMT-TZ007Name:Tire Barriers

  • No:KMT-TZ008Name:Rope Net Climbing

  • No:KMT-TZ009Name:Ladder Walk

  • No:KMT-TZ010Name:Cave Crossing

  • No:KMT-TZ011Name:Leg Pressing Bar

  • No:KMT-TZ001Name:Window Crossing

  • No:KMT-TZ015Name:High-Net Hike

  • No:KMT-TZ012Name:Hemisphere Climbing

  • No:KMT-TZ017Name:Children Rock Climbing

  • No:KMT-TZ018Name:Tire Hill

  • No:KMT-TZ019Name:Hand-in-Hand Stride

  • No:KMT-TZ013Name:Single-Plank Bridge

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