Children's Polygonal court

Jointly provide children with safe,healthy and colorful playground
A variety of recreational facilities let children enjoy their leisure time

Product Details

Quality materials and meticulous production
  • Children's Polygonal court A

    On-site assembly structure
    Venue size: 8.0mx8.0m, height 2.3m, diameter 8m,and 12 pieces of
    net sheets; equipped with grid fence, which has wire diameter of 4mm and mesh hole of 60mm (length) x38mm (width)

  • Children's Polygonal court B

    On-site assembly structure
    Venue size: 8.0mx8.0m, height 2.85m, diameter 8m, 12 pieces
    Of net sheets; installed with PE plastic mesh, with exterior diameter of 4mm, interior diameter of 2.5mm, and mesh hole of 50x50mm

  • Net sheet

    High strength grid fence and high strength PE wrapping piastic net

  • Goal

    High strength grid fence

  • Matching

    lawn(sand filling or sand free)

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