KMT, with its Innovative Movable Cage Football Court, Hyped the First Session of Suzhou Sports Carnival (Englische Premier League)


In August 26h, Suzhou first session of sports carnival was held in the Moonlight Pier of the park. The event was co-sponsored by Uni-President Group, Englische Premier League Football Club, and the City Host (Suzhou) Sports Development Co., Ltd.. The on-site football, basketball, and electric competition were countless. What’s more, the legendary star of Manchester United Sylvester, the main striker of national team Genli and other celebrities presented the interacted activities as well. The carnival featured "sports + entertainment", gathering the elements of sports, entertainment, electric competition, parent-child, etc. The activities were divided into stage area, football area, basketball area, electric competition area, parent-child area, car exhibition area these six major modules.


The event started from 9:00am and ended at 21:00 in the evening. In the carnival, the Superstar from Red Devils, Mickael Silvestre, with the English Football League trophy, crossed the sea and came to Suzhou for the first time, attracting more than 1000 dedicated Red Devils fan come to the scene, including Jiangsu Amateur Football Super League-Jiangsu Super League. And they rubbed shoulders with the fans in the movable cage football court built by our company.

Mickael Silvestre


This carnival was greatly supported by Suzhou leadership. Lady Yanqing Chen, the deputy director of Suzhou Sports Bureau and the vice president of City Sports Federation, presented the activity. She endowed the trophy to the Champion of Five-People Football League of Suzhou Super League. More surprisingly, the deputy director of the Sports Bureau, Yanqing Chen, was the a two-time champion in Olympic. The launch ceremony was presented by Municipal Bureau of Education, Campus football office, Municipal Sports Association, Municipal Overseas Exchange Association, Municipal Football Association, Industrial Park Promotion department and other units.

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