A NSCC Certificated Cage Football Court is Donated by KMT to Yanxi Primary School of Shaoxing, Zhejiang


On the morning of August 18th, a simple donation ceremony was held in Yanxi Primary School of Shengzhou City, Zhejiang province. On behalf of the company, Yiyu Lu, the vice director of Zhejiang KMT Sports Goods Co., Ltd., donated a NSCC certificated cage football court to Yanxi Primary School of Shaoxing, Zhejiang .

 Huanglong "Football Seed" program is a public service aiming to devote love, offer scholarship, and to accelerate the development of football education in poor areas. As the leader of the football program in Zhejiang Province, KMT has been focusing on the development, promotion and revitalization of football.
Zhejiang KMT Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is a integrating company covering manufacturing and marketing of cage football court and cage multi-use court, infant and children football court, and children's expansion equipment. During the development, the enterprise has never forgot to give back to the society.

▲Donation ceremony is presided over by the vice principal of Yanxi Primary School


▲Deputy director of Shengzhou Education and Sports Bureau is delivering a speech


▲Deputy Minister of the Comprehensive Fitness Activity Department of Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Center Chuxiao Ye is delivering a speech


▲Yiyu Lu, the Vice Executive President of Zhejiang KMT Sports Goods Co., Ltd. (1st on the left)


▲The represents of football team dedicate red scarf to the donors


▲Lovely children salute to the presented leaders and the donors


▲The principal of Shengzhou Yanxi Primary Schoolis delivering a speech to express appreciation


▲The group photo of the presented leaders of the ceremony and student representatives

 In the future, Commingte Sports will continue to deepen the cooperation with Education Bureau and Sports Bureau of various places. While expanding the depth and breadth of campus football, pay more attention to the children of remote areas, release the warm caring of campus football, and to involve more children in football, so as to cultivate their passion in football and to let every student thrive in sports, health, happiness, and sunshine.

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