Commonweal-Joint Donation Activity of KMT and Taizhou Football is Ongoing


      October 29, 2016, Taizhou Third Session of Sports Industry Exhibition Conference was held at the East Plaza Grand of City Sports Center. At the opening ceremony, the first donation ceremony of 2016 Joint Donation Activity of KMT and Taizhou Football was held at the same time. 10 children cage football fields were donated by Yiyu Lu, the vice general manager of Zhejiang KMT Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. to Taizhou Sports Bureau. After the kindergarten started at 2017, our company carried out the installation work right away.

Enmei Kindergarten of Tiantai County↓            


 Sanmen Organ Kindergarten↓


 Dong Cheng Town Center Kindergarten of   Linhai City ↓                      


Guan Lu Town Center Kindergarten,  Xianju County↓         


Huangyan District Center Kindergarten↓↓  

Jiaojiang District Central Kindergarten↓


Shamen Town Center Kindergarten, Yuhuan County↓   
  ↓↓↓ For reasons such as site rectification, the following kindergartens are to be installed
Luqiao District Center Kindergarten
Wenling City Center Kindergarten
Taizhou City Yuehu Kindergarten

        Attached: soon after the accomplish of National Children's Football Working Conference, the first young children’s football textbook “Childhood Soccer Instruction in Key Stage" was published nationwide.
        The 3-6-year-old is the key period for the generation and development of human motion cognition, sports interest, sports habits and comprehensive sports skills. Football is the best sport to cultivate young children's sports cognition, sports interest, sports habit and comprehensive sports skills. Even if the child does not play football later, the interest and habit of the child's enthusiasm for sports will continue for a lifetime.

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