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Zhejiang KMT Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou of Zhejiang province, which is entitled the reputation of the "Capital of Chinese Manufacturing". It is a large-scale sports service-oriented manufacturing enterprise founded in 1989, focusing on services, research and development, production and sales. Apart from that, it is the president unit of Zhejiang Sports Industry Federation, the vice-president unit of Taizhou Sports Industry Federation, the model enterprise of science and technology innovation, also the demonstration enterprise of Zhejiang Province Sporting Goods Manufacturing (2015-2017).
At present, the company is engaging in the innovative research and development of the production of fast-assembly fence, NSCC system certificated cage football court, multi-use game area, series of intelligent football courts for infants and children, child venues, football intelligent training system, juvenile expansion training equipment, integrated sports theme park,etc.
As early as 2002, the company obtained the approval certificate from the Sports Equipment Certification Committee of General Administration of Sport ( now known as NSCC system). At present, a total of 56 patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office has been obtained, including 4 invention patents, 45 utility model patents, 6 design patents, and 1 invention patent undergoing the applications and acceptance. In December 2011,KMT was entitled by Zhejiang Science and Technology Department as "Science and Technology Demonstration Enterprises in Zhejiang Province"; in January 2015, KMT was jointly entitled by six departments including Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau as "Zhejiang Province (2015-2017) Sports Goods Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprises."
The company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and 180,013 International Management System certificates, and all the products are covered with four major types of insurance including public liability insurance, product liability insurance, product quality insurance and group accident injury insurance offered by People's Insurance Company. In 2015, the company obtained the NSCC certificates in terms of both the "Cage Football Court" and "Cage Multi-Uses Game Area". In 2016, the company also received the NSCC certificate referring "Multi-Uses Ball Rack”and "Assembled Football Goal”.
In the future, boosted by the spring breeze of favorable sports industry policy, we will accelerate the pace of "innovation & development, and intelligent upgrade". Continue to explore the new management and development model of "Sports + Internet" and constantly create public-oriented, intelligent, and personalized health products and services, so as to promote the implementation of national strategy.


  • Enterprise Vision:
    Innovative, efficiency, quality, and win-win development
  • Core value:
    Leading the development of sports industry in China
  • Health concept:
    Health makes tomorrow stunning; let sports become a habit
  • Business Philosophy:
    Customers’satisfaction is our eternal goal
  • Team concept:
    Passion, Positive, Happiness and Health
  • Service concept:
    To solve the most urgent needs of customers with the most thoughtful service
  • Talent Concept:
    Respect Talents, people-oriented, and cultural retention
  • Marketing Concept:
    Be passionate to our products like our own life

development history

  • 1989

    (School Enterprise)Foundation

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social responsibility

  • 2009

    2009 KMT Cup Mountain-climbing Competition

    KMT Cup Mountain-climbing Competition

  • 2009

    Sponsored National Volleyball Championship in 2009

    Sponsor National Volleyball Championship

  • 2010

    Fitness equipment introduction to the countryside of Yuhuan County in 2010

    Fitness equipment introduction to the countryside of Yuhuan County

  • 2011

    Donate to Huangyan Qizhi School in 2011

    Donate to Huangyan Qizhi School

  • 2014

    2014 KMT Cup Wenzhou Tennis Club Team Competition

    KMT Cup Wenzhou Tennis Club Team Competition

  • 2016

    10 children's football courts were set up by the Joint Donation Activity of KMT and Taizhou Football in October 2016.

    Huangyan District Center Kindergarten
    Jiaojiang District Center Kindergarten
     Dong Cheng Town Center Kindergarten of   Linhai City↓
    Sanmen County Organs Kindergarten
    Enmei Kindergarten of Tiantai County
    Guanlu Town Center Kindergarten of Xianju County
    Shamen Town Center Kindergarten of Yuhuan County
    Wenling City Center Kindergarten

  • 2016

    In June 2016, KMT kindly donated a polygonal children's court to Youlong Beichen Primary School

    A polygonal children's court was donated to Youlong Beichen Primary School

  • 2017

    In August 2017, KMT donated an NSCC certified cage football court to Shaoxing Yanxi Primary School

    In the morning of August 18th, a simple donation ceremony was held in Yanxi Primary School of Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province. On behalf of the company,Yiyu Lu, the vice executive president of Zhejiang KMT Sports Goods Co., Ltd.donated a NSCC certified cage football court to Huanglong "football seed" program base Yanxi Primary School of Shaoxing, Zhejiang.
    In the future,KMT Sports will continue to deepen the cooperation with the education Bureau and Sports Bureau of various places. During the expansion of the depth and breadth of campus football, pay more attention to the children of remote areas, so as to release the warm caring of campus football. Let more children participate in football, love football, and grow in an environment of sports, health, happiness,and sunshine.
    Now, we are a small seed enjoying the joy of football; in the future, we will thrive and strive for the take-off of Chinese football!

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